Quality Policy Statement

SSOCA will be committed to providing inspection and certification services in a reliable, valid, non discriminatory and impartial manner without reference to race, national background, religious affiliation, gender, age or marital status. Its inspection and certification will be based on an objective assessment of relevant factors, following documented procedures and operates without undue influence from vested interests. The services will be open for all applicants whose activities fall within scope of certification. SSOCA aims on achieving the following:

Complaints & Appeals

It is important to the SSOCA that we provide an impartial and transparent assessment and certification service and like to receive input from any concerned parties on the performance of applicant and certified organisations at any time. All enquiries including complaints and reports of misuse of certification status or logos are answered. Similarly the option to appeal against an SSOCA decision is also a basic right.

For more information on this section or to contact us regarding a complaint, please contact SSOCA Quality Manager,

Complaints Handling

Please refer Procedure Manual for Complaint Handling Mechanism

Appeals & Disputes Process

The SSOCA appeal policies can be found as below;

Please refer Procedure Manual for Appeal and Disputes